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About Us and Our Cause

What is the Erika & Roger Greaves Youth Angels Scholarship Foundation about?


Administration is a rounding error in this scholarship foundation as 95% of funds raised goes to the intent: 
Dedicated to creating paths to a brighter future, with a Mission of Hope, Encouragement and Success, the
Foundation believes that all things are possible through motivated learning.

An annual golf tournament since 2005 and private donations have helped to raise nearly $4.0 million.  In recent years
the dollars have been directed toward scholarships for deserving and needy youth, beginning in the early years with those identified within the Valley of the Sun YMCA Network and now with a broader reach.

We have operated under various names, including Y Angels and Youth Angels, but our Mission has not changed and goes
forward to this day.  In 2014 we moved under the auspices of the Arizona Community Foundation.
Under the ACF umbrella we are able to reach out to many types of organizations, including the Military and Law Enforcement.

Our most recent outreach has been to active duty and reserve military families.  We offer the opportunity to apply to Service Members, Reservists and their Dependents of the rank of E-6 or below.  With an existing base of responsible service, we believe
these young people are most likely to complete their education and go to become outstanding members of our society.
A big “Thank You” from all of us and all the youth that you have helped in the past and will help in the future!

Erika Greaves, Chair
Youth Angels -
Erika & Roger Greaves Foundation


Youth Angels 13th Annual Golf Event Monday, May 15 , 2017 at Desert Mountain, Scottsdale Az

Youth Angels

Erika Greaves, Chair

Debbie Allender                                             Beth Evard

Pat Allender                                                   John Evard

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